Ardmore Animal Shelter sees massive influx of cats and kittens

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
The Ardmore Animal Shelter has recently seen a  influx of cats and kittens. More than 70 cats are currently awaiting adoption at the shelter, and over 70 kittens are currently in foster care to be returned once they are old enough to adopt.

The Ardmore Animal Shelter has recently received an influx of cats and kittens. More than 70 cats are currently eligible for adoption at the shelter and more than 70 kittens are in foster care to be returned once they are old enough to find a permanent home — and new cats and kittens are arriving every day.

Shelter Supervisor Amanda Dinwiddie said the primary reason they are seeing so many cats is because of their rapid reproduction cycle.

“There was one day where we took in about 25 cats in less than 45 minutes,” Dinwiddie said. “We’re seeing lots of kittens because cats can reproduce at such a fast rate. They get pregnant, have babies, and as soon as those are weaned they can get pregnant again.”

To help spread the word, the shelter has been making numerous posts to social media and running specials on cat adoptions, and Dinwiddie said the response from the public has been excellent. By early afternoon on Thursday 20 animals had already gone to new homes.

“Our post yesterday got over 500 shares, and we’re seeing a lot of people coming in to adopt cats,” Dinwiddie said on Thursday. “One of our rescue groups in Texas saw it, and they came up this morning and pulled five from us.”

The shelter partnered with the rescue group earlier this month after receiving 35 cats from a hoarding case. The group had already taken several of those cats to find homes in Texas, and Thursday they picked up the cats that remained as well as a few others.

In addition to the numerous cats, the shelter also has several dogs available for adoption. Dinwiddie said more than 100 dogs are currently in the shelter’s kennels, and more than 100 puppies are currently in foster homes. To help some of these dogs find new homes, the shelter is running a half price special on dog adoptions today, Friday, July 31.

To help prevent pet overpopulation, Dinwiddie asks all pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. The shelter itself operates a low cost spay and neuter clinic. The cost is $45 for cats and kittens regardless of age, sex or weight. Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment for their pet can call or text (580) 465-6692. A representative from the shelter will then get in contact within 48 to 72 hours.