New stoplights on Rockford Road expected operational within 30 to 45 days

Drew Butler
The Ardmoreite
The stoplights at both Rockford Road and 4th Avenue NW and Rockford Road and Merrick Drive have both recently been installed. They will be operational within 30 to 45 days.

It’s been a busy month for construction along Rockford Road with new traffic signals going in at 4th Avenue NW and Merrick Drive and road construction leading into The Clubhouse and Regional Park. The city will be pouring the asphalt near the park this week, and the new stoplights should be operational within the next 30 to 45 days.

Assistant City Engineer Josh Randell said the stoplight projects were delayed at first due to the coronavirus, but they quickly began moving ahead once the order for the equipment was delivered.

“Whenever you do a stoplight project, there’s always a lag of time because you have to order the polls and the cabinets, and that always takes a bit of time,” Randell said. “The we got a hiccup because of the virus and everything got shut down with the manufacturing.”

Randell said once the parts came in from the manufacturer, the lights were installed the next day. Contractors are now focusing on installing sidewalks and sidewalk access — particularly along Merrick Drive. He said the crew has already graded the area, and should be pouring the concrete this week.

Randell said he expects the lights to be operational closer to the 30-day mark rather than the 45, but the extra time could be needed in the event of unexpected delays.

He said the road going into Regional Park should be ready to go by next week.

“We should be getting our asphalt down on North Rockford on Wednesday and Thursday,” Randell said. “We’ll have our substantial completion walkthrough on Monday or Tuesday, and we’re going to have a really nice new roadway leading up into the park and The Clubhouse. It’s looking really good.”

Randell said a couple larger projects are currently in the works, and those will be announced once they are closer to getting underway. In the meantime, the city’s department of engineering is focusing on smaller operations.

“Tom (Mansour, City Engineer) and I have been focusing on hitting some of the smaller projects that need to be done,” Randell said. “So we’re doing a lot of curbs and gutters and working on some sidewalks.”