North to Iowa: Ardmore Animal Shelter relocates hundreds of dogs north for adoptions

Drew Butler
Dogs at the Ardmore Animal Shelter are loaded into a van headed for Iowa and Illinois. The shelter has sent 46 dogs to rescue agencies in other states over the past week.

Believe it or not, there are places in Illinois and Iowa where dozens of pet dogs have originated in southern Oklahoma. That’s thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Ardmore Animal Shelter and their partners at the Naperville Area Humane Society and the Quad City Animal Welfare Center in Illinois and the King’s Harvest Pet Rescue in Iowa. 

The shelter has collaborated with the other pet rescues several times in the past, and have sent a total 111 dogs up north since June 30. Forty-six of those have been within the last week.

Ardmore Animal Shelter Supervisor Amanda Dinwiddie said those areas of the country do not have the same problems with stray animals that affect southern Oklahoma, and there are hundreds of people waiting to adopt a dog.

“We’ll send them a batch — and I believe there’s a couple other shelters they pull from — then they’ll get those dogs adopted out, and they’ll call us for more,” Dinwiddie said. “They’ll get the pictures posted online before they even get there, and people already have their applications for adoption filled out before the dogs even make it into the state.”

A new batch of animals began the trek north Wednesday morning, and later that evening King’s Harvest had posted some of their photos to their social media account. Within hours the post had received hundreds of likes and shares as Iowans pointed out which dogs they liked to their friends and family.

While hundreds of dogs are finding their forever homes up north, there are still plenty of pets available for adoption right here. Dinwiddie said the shelter is currently home to 80 dogs, over 65 cats, and over 100 puppies and kittens are currently in foster care to be returned to the shelter once they are old enough for adoption.

In order to find all of these animals homes, the shelter is participating in Clear the Shelter month during August. The nation-wide event is typically a single day at the end of the month, but this year there are adoption specials running weekly.

Dinwiddie said this week the shelter is running a $20 adoption special on all pets, and they will be announcing a different weekly special every Monday on their Facebook page. The goal is to have every animal adopted by the end of the month.

“We’re still pretty full,” Dinwiddie said. “It’s like we send them out, and their stalls are right back to full again. The last week of this month is going to be our big push, and that’s when we’ll have the best special prices. We really want to literally clear the shelter just like we did last year.”