Help available for those facing eviction due to COVID-19

Drew Butler
News alert

Financial assistance is available to those facing eviction due to financial difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals or families that meet the financial qualifications and have received an eviction notice can receive up to $3,600 for past due rent and assistance with rent in the coming months. The money will be given directly to the landlord.

Patricia Goodin, managing attorney at Legal Aid Services of Southern Oklahoma, said her organization has joined forces with Community CARES Partners to help people in this area of the state. She said these funds are only available to those impacted by coronavirus.

“This would be for someone who lost a job as the result of COVID, got furloughed, got sick and they weren’t protected under the Family Medical Leave Act so they lost their job, or maybe their children got sick,” Goodin said.

Goodin said she is currently working with a client who is facing eviction because of a combination of these factors. Her client was working in a nursing home but was advised by her physician to look for another position because her pregnancy was considered high risk. After being at her new job for a few days, her children were diagnosed with the virus.

“She had to take off from her job to stay home and take care of them, and then she had to be quarantined herself,” Goodin said. “She actually went back to work yesterday, but in the meantime she lost two months of work while all of this was going on. And, of course having just gone back to work, she doesn’t have enough money to pay the amount of rent she owes on Sept. 1.”

Goodin said help from Community CARES Partners will allow her client to pay for July, August, September and possibly even October and beyond once the organization examines the complete financial situation.

“This is really a win-win situation for everyone,” Goodin said. “Imagine it from the landlord’s perspective. If this person can’t pay their rent now, their chances of being able to collect it any time soon is just unlikely.”

Goodin said those eligible to receive assistance from this program can make up to $41,650 per year for an individual or $59,500 per year for a family of four.

For more information about the program or to apply visit or call 211. The program ends on September 30, and the last day to submit applications is September 20.