Community CARES Partners announce new deadline, requirements for eviction assistance

Drew Butler

Community CARES Partners has announced they have extended their deadline and changed some of the requirements in order to qualify for their eviction assistance program for those impacted by the coronavirus. Individuals or families that meet the new guidelines can receive up to $3,600 to pay both past due rent and help with rent in the coming months.

The deadline to submit applications has been moved from September 20 to November 5, and now recipients can receive assistance without an eviction having to be filed in the court system.

Patricia Goodin, managing attorney at Legal Aid Services of Southern Oklahoma, said the ability to proactively receive aid before the court eviction process begins will help people immensely with their lives as they move forward.

“With the change they don’t have to have an eviction of record,” Goodin said. “When someone has an eviction on their record it impacts their credit. When we’re talking about something like housing that’s such a basic survival need, creditors look at that and they aren’t as forgiving as they would be about something like medical bills.”

Not only does the eviction hurt their credit report, it also negatively affects a person’s chance of finding housing in the future.

Goodin said now those needing assistance simply need a notice from their landlord stating if unpaid rent is not caught up, the landlord will seek eviction. They can then contact Community Cares Partners and get the ball rolling for help.

She said the new deadline will also give people more time to submit applications to qualify for the program.

“We were looking at the end of September, and now we’re looking at November,” She said. “It was a really quick deadline so this allows them that much more time to get those applications done.”

For more information about the program or to apply visit or call 211. The program ends on November 15, and the last day to submit applications is November 5.

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