Turn around, don't drown: Ardmore streets experiencing major flooding

Drew Butler
The Ardmoreite
Ardmore police wade through flood waters at the intersection of South Commerce Street and Stanley Avenue on Tuesday.

Ardmore streets are experiencing major flooding after an early morning storm inundated the city with heavy rain fall. According to Amber Wilson, director of Emergency Management, the storm’s peak brought about six inches of rain within only three hours.

A vehicle attempts to navigate a flooded Stanley Avenue on Tuesday.

“Our drainage system just cannot keep up with that amount of rain, and right now we’re out performing water rescues for vehicles trapped by flooding,” Wilson said. “We really need people to stay off the roads right now unless they absolutely have to get out. Our first responders are out there, and we don’t want to cause them any more problems than they already have.”

A car is stranded in flood waters behind a shopping center on South Commerce Street on Tuesday.

Wilson said some of the biggest problem spots are located near North Commerce and Grand Avenue and Stanley and South Washington. First responders are in the process of blocking off the worst areas.

An Ardmore police officer stands on the median of South Commerce Street during heavy rain and flooding on Tuesday.

Now that the rains have temporarily subsided, Wilson said the drainage system should be able to catch up with the flooding, and the streets will return to normal. Unfortunately more storms are still in the forecast.

Ardmore police inspect vehicles abandoned during Tuesday morning flooding.

“The forecast for tonight says we could get another 2 to 3 inches, and tomorrow another 1 to 2 inches are possible,” Wilson said. “That could cause another situation like this morning if it comes in really quickly. If that happens we’re going to be in trouble because everything will already be completely saturated after all of the rain from today.”