ADA approves subleases at three new box hangars at air park

Drew Butler
News alert

The Ardmore Development Authority approved the sublease of three new box hangars located at Ardmore Industrial Air Park during a special meeting on Wednesday evening. Though the new hangars are not expected to be completed until October, ADA President and CEO Mita Bates said the new owners reached out early to secure their space.

“The box hangar project is quickly nearing completion, and these individuals have all reached out to Chase (Tindle, airport operations manager) and said they really want to occupy the space as soon as possible, which we anticipate to be October 1,” Bates said.

The three new hangars will be leased to Southern Market Group, Blackbeard Aviation and Steve Beggarly. Two additional box hangars are also being built, and Bates said those are likely to be filled in the near future, but the leases are not quite ready to go.

“We are thrilled to be leasing these out,” Bates said. “It’s really exciting to see our investment in these box hangars start to pay off. Once they are all full, they’ll be bringing in $55,000 a year in revenue.”