City of Ardmore offers amnesty period for individuals with municipal arrest warrants

Sierra Rains
Ardmore City Hall

Ardmore residents with outstanding municipal arrest warrants will have an amnesty period for the next two weeks so they can take care of any unpaid fines. 

Beginning on Monday, Sept. 21, subjects who have an outstanding warrant can visit the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office and arrange a payment plan for unpaid fines. Citizens who arrange a payment plan during this amnesty period may also have their fines reduced at the discretion of the municipal judge. 

The City of Ardmore has issued over 150 municipal arrest warrants over the past nine months, according to a Friday statement. Municipal violations include things such as public intoxication, disturbing the peace, shoplifting and any charge that is heard in municipal court.

Ardmore Police Department Capt. Claude Henry said the department has not been enforcing municipal arrest warrants due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19. Henry said the city has been trying to limit the jail population and understands that COVID-19 has placed some extra financial burdens on individuals.

To offset the delay of serving municipal warrants, Ardmore Municipal Judge Julie Austin has announced that the City of Ardmore will acknowledge an amnesty period for all outstanding municipal warrants.

“The city is just trying to find ways to offset this financial burden,” Henry said. “We’re trying to give people a chance to get caught up without having to worry about being arrested or missing work.”

The amnesty period for municipal arrest warrants will end on Monday, Oct. 5 and after that date, anyone with an outstanding municipal warrant could be subject to arrest.

Anyone who is unsure if they have an outstanding municipal warrant can contact the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office at (580) 223-4436 and check their status. The City of Ardmore is encouraging anyone with an outstanding municipal arrest warrant to take advantage of the amnesty period.