Executive Downtown Airport to receive $2.2 million in upgrades

Drew Butler
The Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport will be receiving $2.2 million in upgrades to its infrastructure. The project is expected to begin in within the next two months.

The Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport will soon receive a $2.2 million facelift and improvements to its infrastructure. City Commissioners voted to approve a bid on the project during a meeting Monday evening. The entire project will be paid for with grant money received from the FAA and the CARES Act, and is expected to begin within the next two months.

Ardmore Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright told commissioners about the project prior to the vote.

“In June of 2020, the City of Ardmore solicited bids to clean and seal joints and cracks, seal coat, and remark Runway 17 and install LED medium intensity runway lights for the Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport,” Boatright said. “Four add alternates were included in the solicitation to reconstruct partial parallel taxiway, construct a concrete connecting taxiway, remove the asphalt connecting taxiway, and install Runway 17 and 35 runway end identifier lights.”

The cost for construction comes to $2,243,401.25, and the cost to engineer the project comes to $587,600 bringing the total cost of the project to $2,830,401.25. All of these costs will be covered by grant funding received from the FAA and the CARES act.

“Ninety percent of funding for the project will be paid by the FAA, and ten% will be paid for by the Cares Act,” Boatright said.