Texas man facing charges for allegedly assaulting Ardmore police officers

Sierra Rains
Garrett Blake Smith

A Texas man was arrested and is facing charges for allegedly assaulting two Ardmore police officers last week. 

Patrol officers with the Ardmore Police Department were dispatched to the 200 block of Holiday Drive on Thursday, Sept. 24 in reference to a suspicious person. 

When officers arrived in the area, APD Capt. Claude Henry said they made contact with a 19-year-old male who identified himself as Garrett Blake Smith, of Corinth, Texas. 

“Mr. Smith was acting very tense," Henry said. "The officers could see that he had a throbbing vein in his neck and Mr. Smith was avoiding their questions."

After confirming the man’s identity and confirming that he was not violating any laws at that time, Henry said officers allowed Smith to leave the scene. However, as they were leaving, officers reportedly noticed that Smith had begun running northbound on Holiday Drive. 

“They witnessed Mr. Smith run up to a silver SUV and begin pulling on the door handle,” Henry said. Officers believed that Smith may have been trying to steal the vehicle and got out to make contact with him for a second time. 

As they began to approach, Smith began to walk away. Officers made contact with the driver of the SUV, who said that Smith had reportedly pulled on the door handle and ordered the driver to get out. 

Henry said the two officers ordered Smith to stop, but he would not obey their commands. Once they caught up to him, Smith reportedly became violent. 

“Whenever they went to detain Mr. Smith he began throwing closed fist punches at the officers, and the officers were able to take him down to the ground and detain him in handcuffs,” Henry said. 

According to Carter County court documents, Smith also allegedly attempted to grab one of the officers’ guns while being detained. “Mr. Smith was placed in the back of a patrol unit and continued to kick his feet. In the process, he kicked the officers a couple of times,” Henry said. 

The officers did not sustain any injuries that required medical attention, Henry said. Smith was transported to the Carter County jail and booked in for assault and battery on a police officer. The driver of the SUV reportedly declined to file charges against Smith. 

Henry said it was later determined that Smith could have been under the influence of some type of drug. “That’s something that could have been more obvious the longer the officers were with Mr. Smith,” Henry said. 

A felony charge for assault and battery on a police officer was filed against Smith on Sept. 25. He reportedly bonded out of jail for the amount of $5,000 later that day. A preliminary conference is scheduled for Oct. 29.

“If an officer is giving you commands, you need to obey them,” Henry said. If found guilty, Smith could face up to five years of imprisonment or a fine of up to $500, or both a fine and imprisonment.