Spohn elected Oklahoma Municipal League board president

Drew Butler
JD Spohn

The Oklahoma Municipal League has elected Ardmore's city manager JD Spohn to serve as president of its Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 term. Spohn has served on the board for five years and most recently served as vice president.

Spohn said he is honored to serve as president and described the OML’s mission.

“The Municipal League is there to be of service to all the cities and towns of Oklahoma,” Spohn said. “They provide educational training and have staff attorneys and researchers who are there to assist with just about any sort of issue that you can imagine.”

He said another important function of the organization is to keep cities and towns informed about any sort of legislative issues that could potentially impact the way they operate. The OML also works with legislators to propose new legislation that would be beneficial.

“They are certainly proponents of legislation that would help cities and towns, and they stay in close contact with the legislators,” Spohn said. “They all make sure we’re informed of which bills we need to be aware of or that we might need to contact our local representatives and senators about.”

Spohn said his primary duties as president will be to preside over meetings and help make committee appointments when an opening becomes available. He will also work closely with OML Executive Director Mike Fena.

In a press release issued by the OML, Fena said he is looking forward to working with Spohn in the upcoming year.

“JD brings a lot of energy and leadership to our board of directors, especially as we continue to navigate through the challenges brought to us by COVID-19,” Fena said. “You only have to look at Ardmore and the incredible progress they have made under JD’s leadership and you know OML has great things in our future.”

Spohn said he is excited for the coming year.

“I’m just one part of the team,” Spohn. “The OML is a really exciting organization that provides a lot of services to our cities and towns, and I’m happy to be a part of such a great group.”