ABC to host plant swap event this weekend

Drew Butler
News alert

The Ardmore Beautification Council will be hosting a plant swap event at the Marketplace on Broadway from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday. Attendees are encouraged to bring a plant (or plants) growing in their yard that they no longer need or want to trade for something different.

In addition to a wide range of plants available for trade, ABC will also be giving away a variety of small tree saplings courtesy of OG&E. Trees will be limited to two per household, and varieties include oak, vitex, arborvitae, redbud, crepe myrtle and maple.

ABC Executive Director Julie Maher said they have held similar plant swaps as part of their springtime Earth First Expos in the past, and last year they decided to hold a plant swamp in the fall. It was so successful they decided to bring it back for 2020.

“Now’s the time of year when people are getting out in their garden getting ready for the fall and getting things set up for next spring,” Maher said. “Usually in the fall you divide all of your perennial plants like irises or day lilies that are going to come back year after year.”

She said the event is not just limited to outdoor flowers. Attendees are also encouraged to bring along houseplants and trees.

“If your house plants have a lot of babies and are starting to grow wild, and you’re running out of pots, bring them,” she said. “If you have a shrub or you have some extra little trees that are growing in your yard that you don’t want to use, we want people to be aware that these things can also be transplanted and thrive in a new location. Most of these are plants that do well in Southern Oklahoma, so if it grows in your garden, chances are it will grow in somebody else’s garden too.”

Maher said people don’t need to bring the plants for trade in any sort of special pot or container. She said one easy method of transport is to wrap them in a dampened newspaper. 

“Don’t worry about the presentation, just get it there. Plants will revive,” she said.

Maher said a great thing about hosting the event at the Marketplace on Broadway is people can easily spread out and maintain social distancing.

“It’s outdoors, and people will be able to spread out and social distance,” she said. “People are also welcome to wear masks and take all the precautions they would like in order to feel comfortable.”