Lone Grove family mourning loss of son receives free car from Holiday Auto Group

Sierra Rains
Brittany Miller (left), Kalub Miller (center) and Kayden Miller (right) stand next to the new cadillac that was presented to them by Holiday Auto Group on Monday, Oct. 5.

A local Lone Grove family has been hard hit by a series of tragic events this year. Amid their loss, the community continues to reach out for support, and this week they were gifted with a new car. 

The Miller family’s two-year-old son, Konnor, passed away on Aug. 29 following an incident in which he and his twin brother, Kayden, fell into a pool. Kayden continued to fight for his life in the hospital for two weeks, and the family’s truck was stolen from their home as he was recovering. 

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said the Miller's stolen truck was recovered about a week and a half ago and deputies are still searching for suspects in the case. 

With many families struggling recently, Matt Johnson, the owner of Holiday Auto Group in Graham, Texas, wanted to do something to help give back. The dealership was seeking nominations to donate a vehicle to a family in need. 

“It’s always important to give back, and especially Matt, he feels he’s been very blessed and giving back is something he felt — especially with this year, he knew some people had some hard times. Some more than others, and just felt they were deserving,” said Holiday Auto Group Marketing Director Gary Osborn. 

The dealership narrowed the nominations down to two families they felt were most in need and on Friday, Oct. 2, Osborn contacted the Millers to let them know they had been selected to receive a new Cadillac. 

At first, it seemed too good to be true and the family thought it might be a scam. “They had no idea any of this was happening, so the first thing was obviously skepticism,” Osborn said. “They were amazed that someone would want to do that for them.”

The Millers and their surviving son drove down to Graham, Texas on Monday morning to receive the vehicle. “Although nothing will ever replace our sweet Konner, God continues to send people our way to help try and mend our broken hearts,” Brittany Miller wrote in a Facebook post regarding the gift. 

Osborn said it was amazing to be a part of helping the family after all they’ve gone through, and that they were very grateful and deserving. 

“It was just a touching story. It’s awesome to be able to do something like this — just to be involved in it is amazing. I can’t imagine, I have a five year old, and I can’t imagine going through what they’ve gone through,” Osborn said. “The vehicle being stolen on top of it was just like 'how much can one family take'.”