Vinyl fencing, lumber becoming increasingly difficult to find

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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The price of lumber has been steadily rising since the beginning of the pandemic due to shortages brought about by shutdowns and a drop in production. Now another material, vinyl fencing, is also beginning to see similar shortages.

Jeff Wilson, owner of J&S Fencing, said he recently heard from his supplier that he will likely not be able to receive any tan or colored vinyl fencing for at least six months.

“Vinyl is made out of a resin, and they are about to run out of the compound that they use to make it, and that pretty much puts a halt to the whole industry,” Wilson said. “My supplier has a little bit of tan, but he said he probably doesn’t have enough tan or any other color to actually do a full job.”

Wilson said he is unsure why the resin has recently been so difficult to come by, but he believes the shortage is likely caused by the same factors that have affected lumber — and, as with lumber, he expects the prices to go up soon.

He buys most of his lumber from a chain retailer, and the price has doubled from earlier in the year.

“They’ve doubled in price — especially on two by fours, and that’s when you can even get them at all,” Wilson said. “Most of the time they’re out of stock, so it’s been really interesting.”

He said he really began to notice the price increases on lumber around four months ago, and the increase on the two by fours began about two months ago. He also noted that the price of steel has also begun to rise.

“Steel has gone up a little bit, but it’s nothing like lumber,” Wilson said. “A steel post has gone up maybe 25 or 50 cents, so it’s nothing major.”

He said the shortages and price increases have made it increasingly difficult to run a business, but he thinks he will get by.

“I’ve been in business for 26 years now, and I don’t think anything is going to put me out, but this is sure going to hurt,” Wilson said.