Bailey receives Hall of Fame Award

Drew Butler
Cedric Bailey received Hall of Fame Award at the 9th Annual Radio Showcase and Reception in Las Vegas over the weekend. Here he is pictured with Dr. Susie Jones of Los Angeles, Calif., the other recipient of the award.

Cedric Bailey was recognized with a Hall of Fame award at the 9th Annual Radio Showcase Reception at a ceremony in Las Vegas over the weekend. The ceremony was sponsored by Rite Marketing, and owner Emory Marshall said they chose to recognize Bailey because of his 35 years in the radio industry as well as for his seven years of hosting the awards ceremony.

“He’s just a tremendous talent,” Marshall said. “I’ve done radio for 20 years and he’s probably one of the best radio voices I’ve ever heard. But what makes him so special is he’s got a heart of gold. He’d do anything for anyone, and he uses his platform to help so many people. He’s done so much for so many artists that are big today, and he had a hand in helping them get to where they are.”

Rite Marketing focuses on marketing and advertising with a particular focus on religious organizations such as helping artists get branded, marketing large churches, and marketing Christian businesses. Marshall said the organization chose Bailey along with one other recipient to show how much their ministries matter.

“I wanted to recognize those people whose name isn’t in the lights, and who don’t seek the spotlight,” Marshall said. “In my ministry, I believe in shedding light on that. So we gave him one of those awards to show him how special he is to the body of Christ.”

Bailey said he was shocked to receive the award — especially with so many other radio announcers from large markets across the country in the room. During his acceptance story he was able to share his story about growing up in Ardmore and finding his way into the radio industry.

“Growing up, I really wanted to be an engineer with the Santa Fe Railroad,” Bailey said. “Then one day I went to Central Church of Christ on McLish. There was a family there by the name of Tomlinson who ended up taking me to church with them for two year.”

He said the family’s matriarch, Margaret Tomlinson, was a particularly strong influence in his life.

“Every Sunday I went home with them after church and she told me that great things would happen for me,” Bailey said. “She told me I was going to go to college, and I believed it. She told me I was going to be able to pursue my dreams, and the rest is history.”

Bailey said he took what she and others from Ardmore taught him into his career. He continues to work in the radio industry on the Musical Soul Food Network which is broadcast to 48 markets across the country. He also works with Ardmore City Schools announcing for the games, and he is an active member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

“I want to be here in Ardmore,” Bailey said. “I announce the games and I talk to the kids and tell them to pursue their education. So I’m passing along what everybody has taught me.”