Parks department busy with Festival of Lights, success of The Clubhouse

Drew Butler
Members of the Ardmore Parks and Recreation crew put up Festival of Lights Displays on Monday.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin updated members of the Regional Park Authority about the current activities within the department during their meeting Monday afternoon. She said the department is currently busy setting up the displays for the Festival of Lights which will open up on November 21, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She also gave the board members an update about the amount of traffic The Clubhouse is seeing since it opened last month.

Ervin said one of the crew’s primary concerns is making sure the light displays are in good condition, and they are making repairs as needed.

“We’ve spent a lot of time this year giving them some extra attention,” Ervin said. “There’s a lot of welding going on, there’s a lot of socket replacements. They’re just getting older, and it was high time we did a few repairs. We didn’t realize that some of them need as much attention as we now see that they do.”

She said any of the displays that are currently up should be completely ready to go.

“When we plug them in, they should be on,” Ervin said. “A bulb here or there might need changed, but nothing major. They’ve already been bulbed, they’ve been welded, and if they needed them, the sockets have been replaced. I was amazed by how many sockets weren’t even on there any more.”

Ervin said they are currently working an hour a day longer for a few days a week to make sure everything is up in time.

“We don’t want to have to hurry up at the end to get them up, we’d rather do that now,” Ervin said. “We’re also dealing with so much other stuff right now. The grass is still growing, and tournaments are still going on. We’ve got both complexes booked this weekend, and that’s great, but that means we’ve got eight fields to get ready, and that takes people away from putting up lights.

At the end of the meeting she provided a few updates about how business has been at The Clubhouse.

“The Clubhouse is really packed on weekends, and there have been lots of people out in Regional Park,” Ervin said.

Ervin said The Clubhouse saw around four to six birthday parties a weekend when they first opened, but that jumped up to 16 parties last weekend. She also noted they sold 1,500 rounds on the go-karts over the weekend.