Painting the town: San Francisco native comes to Ardmore to open painting business

Drew Butler
A recent project of Derheim's was recognized as Jobsite of Week by American Painting Contractor.

Last fall, Konrad Derheim left his native San Francisco and moved to Ardmore in search of new opportunities and a better quality of life. Within a few months of coming to town, he had opened his own business, Derheim Painting, and has stayed busy since his grand opening in April.

Derheim said he chose to come to Ardmore because of its affordable cost of living and family members already living in the area. Most importantly, he saw opportunity.

“I really think there’s a lot of opportunity here in my industry, construction,” he said. “I came out here to visit, and I saw so many construction projects going on. Then I spoke to some people who told me there is always stuff going on with construction, so that really got my attention.”

Derheim said he had been painting homes and businesses in the Bay Area since he graduated high school in 2010. However the numerous regulations in California made it increasingly difficult to get by.

“I come from California where there are so many regulations on everything,” Derheim said. “It’s almost like they try to hold you back and restrict you. In Oklahoma there are less hoops to go through, and I feel like it’s easier to succeed. Everything is also so much more old school, and a handshake actually means something. That really touches me.”

Derheim said he got his first paint job in Ardmore from the Nextdoor App, and things have taken off from there. In addition to painting several homes, he has also worked on a few commercial projects including Grandy’s, the front of the Sparklight building, and some offices inside the First United Methodist Church.

Out of all of the projects he’s done since moving to the area, he said his favorite is a house located on acreage outside of Lone Grove.

“The job was really satisfying because it was a huge transformation,” Derheim said. “It was a dark brick with dark green wood, and it went all white. The transformation was amazing and I really liked the scenery. It was on several acres, and they had cows and donkeys. Coming from San Francisco, I’m still dealing with the culture shock a little bit, but I love it.”

While he mostly works on his own at the moment, Derheim hopes to grow his business in the future and would like to one day employ a crew.

“I’m very excited to grow, and I’m excited to be a part of this community,” he said. “I’m looking forward to making Ardmore beautiful and meeting people along the way.”