Threatening phone call leads to Johnston County drug bust

Sierra Rains
Items recovered from a search at a Johnston County residence Saturday night. The items included several firearms, meth, hydrocodone, drug paraphernalia and more.

A threatening phone call reportedly led to a drug bust at a Johnston County residence this weekend. 

Johnston County Undersheriff Gary Dodd said the sheriff’s office received a call from a man in the Butcher Pen area asking for a deputy over a land dispute on Saturday evening. The caller was identified as Anthony Cabaniss — a man the sheriff’s office has reportedly had several encounters with before. 

Dodd said Cabaniss is known to the sheriff’s office because of multiple calls over threats and land disputes. “We’ve been out to that residence several times,” Dodd said. “This is the first time that we know of that he’s threatened to get a gun and shoot people.”

Anthony Cabaniss

The caller was informed on the steps he needed to take and the call ended, but it didn’t stop there. Cabaniss was transferred to the sheriff’s office again after calling the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 

This time, however, Cabaniss reportedly told the dispatcher “he was going to get a gun, clear these people off the property” and that the sheriff’s office “needed to send an ambulance for them.” 

“We’re not going to put up with people bullying innocent citizens and trying to threaten people,” Dodd said, adding that Cabaniss is reportedly a convicted felon and is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. 

Cabaniss was convicted of drug crimes involving the manufacturing of methamphetamine in Atoka County, and Dodd said he may have served time federally for drug trafficking, as well. 

Following his call to the sheriff’s office, Dodd and other deputies met with Cabaniss and his girlfriend, Jenny Pena, in the middle of Pecan Street. Cabaniss reportedly admitted to deputies that he had firearms inside his residence and he was placed into investigative detention. 

Jenny Pena

Pena reportedly became “irate” and began cursing at the deputies. After being told to leave several times, deputies placed Pena under arrest for obstruction. Pena then allegedly tried to flee on foot, but was arrested after a brief fight. 

A search warrant for the residence was granted and executed later that night.

Upon execution of the search warrant, Dodd said deputies located several loaded firearms, methamphetamine, digital scales, ammunition, surveillance equipment, prescription medication, a stolen four wheeler from Bryan County and a stolen trailer from Johnston County. 

All items were seized and placed into evidence. Dodd said the exact amount of drugs is still being assessed, but at least five grams of methamphetamine was recovered. Deputies also found unused plastic baggies and money in close proximity to the drugs. 

The prescription pills were determined to be an opioid known as hydrocodone, and were reportedly packaged for distribution. 

Johnston County deputies execute a search warrant at a local residence in Butcher Pen on Saturday night.

Cabaniss and Pena were both booked into the Johnston County jail for conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of hydrocodone with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a dwelling where drugs are kept, sold and used, and two counts of possession of stolen property over $1,000. 

Cabaniss is facing additional charges for threatening acts of violence and five counts of felon in possession of firearms; and Pena is facing an additional charge for obstruction of a peace officer. 

“Don’t move to our county and expect us to stand by and do nothing when you threaten citizens with firearms, and you’re a convicted felon,” Dodd said. “We’re going to bring those subjects to justice just like we would anybody else.”