COVID-19 moves Ardmore Middle School to distance learning

Michael D. Smith
FILE - Vehicles wait to drop off students for the first day of school on Thursday, Aug. 20. Ardmore Middle School moved to distance learning Friday after a positive case of COVID-19 was confirmed. Other schools across the district do not appear to be affected.

Ardmore Middle School moved to distance learning on Thursday due to a single positive case of COVID-19. Staff on Friday confirmed the move to distance learning until November 9 but declined to identify whether it was a student or faculty member that tested positive for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Ardmore City Schools has become the fifth school district in Carter County to make the transition to distance learning this school year due to the pandemic. In August, schools in Dickson and Springer implemented distance learning when cases of COVID-19 were identified on those campuses. 

Earlier this month, Wilson Public Schools moved to distance learning when several cases were discovered and was slated to return to campus last week. Lone Grove Public Schools also made the transition to distance learning earlier this month and was scheduled to return to campus this week.

The most recent transition to distance learning only affected the middle school. Classes at Ardmore High School were underway as normal on Friday.