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Carter County sees almost 5,000 more voters than 2016

Drew Butler
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As with other districts all across the nation, 2020 was a record breaking year for voters in Carter County. As of 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night every precinct in the district except for Zaneis had returned their ballots to the Carter County Election Board, their numbers art not be included in this article. When combined with absentee ballots and early in person voting, 22,978 voted for president in 2020 —  approximately 18,000 voted in 2016.

Carter County Election Board Secretary Diane Hall said 18,713 people showed up to vote for president on Election Day. Of those 14,012 cast their ballots for Republican Donald Trump and 4,396 voted for Democrat Joe Biden. The remainder of the votes went to third party candidates with 193 voting for the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, 65 voting for Kanye West, 24 for Jake Simmons, and 23 for Brock Pierce.

Hall said 4,265 ended up voting early for this election with a grand total of 2,448 choosing early in-person voting, and 1,817 absentee ballots were returned this year. Of the absentee ballots, 496 were not returned and 23 ended up returning to the election office as undeliverable. She said a few were disqualified because their affidavits were not filled out correctly, and those numbers will be available on Wednesday.

“This entire election has been very busy, and today was a very busy day,” Hall said. “Every precinct had lines and was busy from start to finish, and there was never any lull time during the day, but some wait times were much longer than others.”