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Ardmore woman crowned Worlds Ms. Oklahoma Tourism

Drew Butler
Michelle Douglas was recently crowned Worlds Ms. Oklahoma Tourism.
Douglas with the children from the Boys and Girls Club. Her platform focuses on children with autism and how organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club help autistic kids succeed.

Michelle Douglas of Ardmore was recently crowned Worlds Ms. Oklahoma Tourism 2021. The Worlds Miss Tourism Pageant holds competitions for women and girls from a wide range of ages from children to women in their 70s and 80s. In July 2021, Douglas will travel with all the winners from Oklahoma to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to compete with women from across the nation in the national pageant finals.

Douglas said while she had competed in a few pageants when she was younger, she got into pageants again after her youngest daughter became interested.

“My oldest daughter did one, and she decided it was not for her,” Douglas said. “Then I put my youngest daughter in one when she was about four, and we’re still doing them six years later. There are a few that we do that are kind of mom and me where there is a mother’s competition, so it’s just something that we share.”

This bonding experience with her daughter led her to entering the Worlds Miss Oklahoma Tourism Pageant in July. Because of COVID-19, the pageant had to conducted entirely online with a virtual podium, virtual talent competition, and virtual interviews. 

After completing the pageant, Douglas knew she won an award but did not expect to be crowned the winner. 

“There were 76 other people running for the Miss title, so I was expecting a side award,” Douglas said. “They give out side awards for congeniality, best talent, most photogenic and things like that, so I thought I would be getting one of those. Then the box came in with Ms. Oklahoma written on it, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Douglas said her platform focuses on helping children achieve their goals, particularly those with autism. She is a mother of five and one of her sons has autism, so it is a topic close to her heart.

“Autism isn’t a disability, it’s a different ability,” Douglas said. “Everything I was to do has to do with bring enlightenment about autistic kids and how they just want to be a part of things. Every autistic kid has something about them that is better than other things they do. Like with my son, he’s a numbers kid. He can tell you everything you want to know about NASCAR, football and sports stats.”

Douglas’ children have previously attended the Boys and Girls Club after school and summer programs, and now they attend the organization’s virtual learning program. Douglas said they have been wonderful working with her autistic son. So part of her platform also shines a light on the organization.

“I also want to do more to shine light on them,” Douglas said. “Everybody sees the commercials about how they help kids achieve their goals and uplift them. I want to show that they are there for every kid.”

Later this year, Douglas will be in the Christmas parade and has invited all the children from the Boys and Girls Club to be with her on the float. Her talent in the competition was singing, so she will be singing a song called “What if Everything Goes Right.”

“In the song it says chase your dreams three different times,” Douglas said. “So it’s a song that goes along with Boys and Girls Club and their goal of helping children achieve and chase their dreams.”