City awards $17,500 in grants between two local businesses

Drew Butler
The Tease Salon was recently awarded a $5,000 facade grant from the City of Ardmore. Plans include removing all the wood and glass and reframing the windows with metal. Brickwork above the new windows and the new metal framing will be painted black.
The former location of the Joe Brown Company on 3rd NE has been purchased and is undergoing renovations. The city has awarded a $12,500 fire suppression grant to the new owners.

The City of Ardmore has recently awarded $17,500 in grants that will be split between two downtown businesses. Broadway-Commerce LLC received a $12,500 fire suppression grant to be used in their building located at 20 3rd Ave. NE, and The Tease Salon located at 103 E Main received a $5,000 facade grant.

Community Development Director Jessica Scott said she is especially excited to see someone take advantage of the fire suppression grant. The grant program began earlier this year, and this is the first one to be awarded. Each fire suppression grant is worth up to $12,500 and these funds can cover up to 50% of the installation or improvements to a building’s fire suppression system.

“There is still another $12,500 to be given out and it can be used for sprinklers or hood vents in restaurants,” Scott said. “It’s available for existing buildings in the downtown area or places within our fire limits. The fire limits are those places where all of the buildings are very close together, so if one building catches fire it’s very difficult to stop it from spreading."

At the Tease Salon, many changes will take place both outside and indoors. According to the facade grant application, some of the $5,000 will be used to remove all the glass and wood surrounding the building’s brick entrance. New windows will be framed out of black metal, and the brick work around the upper windows will be painted black. The existing work around the lower level will be painted white.

Scott said four facade grants have now been awarded to various downtown businesses. The city has also awarded $5,000 to Texoma Archery, the Black Mesa Tap Room and Ten Star Pizza. Only $5,000 remains available for facade grants this year, so one more business could still apply and receive the grant. Like the fire suppression grants, the facade grants can cover up to 50% of facade renovation costs. The remaining balance for renovation costs must be paid by the building or business owner.

“Renovations and upgrades are expensive, and these business owners are investing tons of money into Ardmore,” Scott said. “If the city can help with that — even if it’s just a little bit — that’s a big help.”