Credit card skimmer found on Ardmore gas pump

Sierra Rains

Ardmore police are investigating after a credit card skimmer was found on a gas pump at a local gas station. 

Ardmore Police Department Capt. Claude Henry said officers were contacted in regards to the device on Monday, Nov. 16. A technician reportedly advised officers that he had found a card skimmer while servicing a gas pump at the Valero Corner Store on North Commerce Street. 

Police arrived at the location at around 11:30 a.m. The device was collected and booked into evidence. “At this time, it is unsure how long the skimmer had been attached to the gas pump and we have not been able to identify any victims of fraud from the card skimmer up to this point,” Henry said.

Once the department receives a copy of video footage, Henry said officers will begin reviewing the footage in an attempt to identify a possible suspect. “We’ll try to continue to work this case to see what leads we can find as far as the suspect goes,” Henry said. 

Anyone who has used a gas pump at the station or who notices any type of fraudulent charge through their bank account or credit card statements should contact the Ardmore Police Department at (580) 223-1212 to make a report. 

Henry said there are many different types of card skimmers that individuals will use to steal individual’s credit card information. If a gas pump or card reader appears to be altered in any way, individuals should skip paying at the pump and pay inside. 

“Typically, what gas stations are doing now is they usually have some type of security device that shows you that the gas pump has not been opened by someone who’s not authorized,” Henry said. “If that seal’s broken or if it’s not sealed, I would advise to go inside of the gas station and pre-pay for your gas.”