Shopping local on Cyber Monday

Drew Butler
Brought to you by Patriot Ardmore

A relatively recent addition in the world of holiday shopping is known as Cyber Monday, which promotes shopping online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. While most will associate this kind of shopping with international megacorporations and department store websites, several small locally owned businesses also allow customers to shop from home.

Mita Bates, president and CEO of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, said many of the city’s retailers have significantly increased their online presence on social media since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“For people who might be hesitant to get out and shop, our local businesses have shown themselves to be extremely accommodating and have been able to quickly pivot to our increasingly digital lifestyle,” Bates said. “So remember, even if you’re not comfortable visiting a business in person, you can still support our local entities.”

Jeff DiMiceli, General Manager of the Ardmore Main Street Authority, said that virtually all Depot District businesses have a Facebook profile where they display a selection of their merchandise. Even if you cannot purchase an item directly online, they are more than happy to work with customers via messaging and the telephone.

“I think a lot of our local businesses have been great about taking the effort to work with people,” DiMiceli said. “Contact the business and make arrangements, and they are happy to walk things out to your car.”

Deanna Wright, owner of INK’D Custom Designs, said several customers use Facebook Messenger to contact her about the designs they want to put on a wide range of items. She also has an online store where customers can place and pay for their orders entirely online.

“With the COVID situation that we’ve had going on, it’s been nice to be able to let people order things like that,” Wright said. “We’ve had people who aren’t comfortable coming in, so we’ve set a bag of their orders outside the door for them to pick up or they’ve just driven up and opened up their trunk so they don’t even have to get out of their car.

The Stag is another local business with a website that allows customers to purchase items online. Sales associate Autumn Henry said orders of over $75 have free shipping, and they are happy to walk items out to customers' vehicles for orders of less than $75 if they do not want to pay shipping fees.