Posting bail: Outcast 4 Christ Recovery Ministry raise money with jailhouse fundraiser to buy bikes for children in need

Drew Butler
Members of the Outcast 4 Christ Recovery Ministry set up a jailhouse outside of WOW Church as part of a fundraiser for their Bikes 4 Christmas program for local children in need. The Outcasts along with women from Destiny Recovery Center volunteered to be "jailed" and then called friends and family to bail them out by donating to the event.

Outcast 4 Christ Recovery Ministry and Sober Living kicked off their 8th annual Bikes 4 Christmas event on Tuesday with a jailhouse themed fundraiser. Volunteers from the Outcast, along with women from Destiny Recovery Center, volunteered to be “locked up” in a special jail outside of WOW Church until they could secure at least $50 in bail. All funds raised by the event will now be used to purchase bicycles and toys for area children in need.

Johnny Bruce, director of Outcast for Christ Recovery Ministry, said their organization has partnered with the Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma, the Community Children’s Shelter and Family Service Center, the 20th District Drug Court, and other local nonprofits to make sure all the bicycles and toys will be going to children in need.

He pointed out that even though the jailhouse fundraiser is now over, they are still accepting cash donations and new children’s bicycles.

“We’re hoping to raise between $8 and $10,000 to spend on bicycles and toys,” Bruce said. “We’ll keep raising funds up through December 10 when we deliver the last of the bicycles, and every little bit helps make a kid’s Christmas.”

He said the fundraising was already off to a good start even before the first volunteer posted their “bail money.”

“Walmart gave us $3,000 to start out with, which has been a huge blessing,” he said. “They know who the bikes are going to help, and they’re a big supporter of our event. They’ve been very generous.”

This generosity, combined with donations from other members of the community, will be used for bicycles and toys for children of all ages.

“We buy for all the way from about two years old to 18,” Bruce said. “Some of the older kids are especially in need of the bikes as means of transportation so they can get to school and to work.”

Anyone who would like to donate a new children’s bicycle or make a monetary donation can contact Johnny Bruce at (580) 504-9566.