New and coming soon: Dairy Queen the first of many new businesses opening in the near future

Drew Butler
A portion of Ardmore Dairy Queen team stand outside their new restaurant. The restaurant's grand opening is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 11.

Several new businesses will open their doors in Ardmore in the coming months. Wingstop and FFO Home are both well into the construction process, and a recently confirmed Mathis Brothers location has yet to break ground.

The business closest to opening is Dairy Queen. Located at 1605 12th Ave. NW, with the restaurant's grand opening set for Friday, Dec. 11.

Jordan Giles, owner and operator of Ardmore Dairy Queen, said he has been excited about opening an Ardmore location for over a year and a half.

“Whenever we consider opening a new location, we always like to get a feel for the town and the people who make the town what it is,” he said. “Every time we came to visit, we continued to develop new relationships in the community, and we talked to several people who had only been to Dairy Queen two or three times in their entire life. I’ve been eating at Dairy Queen several times a week my whole life, and that’s an experience we wanted to bring to Ardmore — especially for the kids who live here because you can’t grow up without a Dairy Queen.”

Giles said the layout of the restaurant is a new design concept, and the Ardmore location will be the third of its kind. The entire construction process will end up lasting around six months.

Dairy Queen Area Coach Taylor Young said he began interviewing potential employees around five months ago and has seen over 600 candidates for a wide range of positions. Store Manager Anthony Malone said 89 people have already been hired, and they hope to have 100 employees before the grand opening.

“Everyone who works here loves their job, and we’re here to give the community the customer service they deserve,” Malone said. “We set a standard and culture, and we live and breathe by that culture. We want to hire people that we know will set that standard where we want it to be and keep it that way.”

Community Development Director Jessica Scott said FFO Home, located next door to Academy Sports and Outdoors, and Wingstop, located in Ardmore Commons, are both nearing completion as well.

Scott said Mathis Brothers Furniture has also recently announced their intent to build a new Ardmore location on Woerz Way near Swadley’s Bar-B-Q and Urban Air.

“They will have a 22,000-square-foot building, and it’s a very nice design,” Scott said. “I don’t know when they will break ground, but they are eager to get started on building. The zoning is already there, and the plat is already in place, so the next step will be a building permit.”