Snowflakes possible today, usher in cold weather for week

Michael D. Smith

Southern Oklahoma enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather last week, but the National Weather Service expects the coming week to feel more like December. Many parts of Oklahoma can expect to see snowflakes later today, but little accumulation is expected in southern Oklahoma.

“It looks like it’s mostly going to be rain down that far south, but there is a chance that we probably end up with a little bit of snow that may mix in during the day on Sunday,” said Randy Bowers, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman.

A round of precipitation moving across the state today may dump several inches of snow across northern Oklahoma, but Bowers does not expect accumulations of snow in southern Oklahoma. He said Ardmore and surrounding areas can expect a cold rain to begin during the day on Sunday.

“For Carter County, you may see some snowflakes later in the afternoon. At this point it doesn’t look like too much,” Bowers said on Saturday afternoon.

“Really from the Arbuckles northward is where there’s some potential for accumulation … northwest Oklahoma and northern Oklahoma probably stand the best chance to have three, four, even five inches of snow,” he said.

The weather service expects high temperatures on Sunday to reach the upper 30s before falling into the mid 20s by Monday morning. The pattern of cold air continues through the week, with temperatures not getting out of the 40s through the coming week.

Bowers said another round of precipitation could move through on Tuesday but expects mostly cold, rain-free weather to dominate the next few days. Even with cold and, at times, wet conditions, Bowers does not expect icy conditions in southern Oklahoma during this round of weather.