A taste of home: Wrap a Veteran with Love provides blankets, assorted goodies to local vets

Drew Butler
Wrap a Veteran with Love has accumulated 300 blankets to distribute to veterans living at the Ardmore and Sulphur centers. This year veterans will also be receiving snacks, games, and puzzle books.
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Early next week area veterans living at the Ardmore and Sulphur Veterans Centers will all be receiving blankets, candy and assorted other goodies courtesy of Wrap a Veteran with Love. The program began in 2014 after organizer Angie Randolph learned of a need for blankets at the veterans centers, and has continued every year since.

Originally, Wrap a Vet primarily provided just blankets with only a few extra items here and there, but this year Randolph decided to expand the program because of the impact of COVID-19 to the veterans living in the centers.

“About a week ago, I was thinking about how these guys are on lockdown because of COVID, and I thought blankets are not enough,” Randolph said. “They haven’t had physical contact with their families since March, and I thought let’s add snacks, candy, puzzle books and anything else that says home. I know a piece of candy isn’t home, but my heart just breaks thinking about them right now. I want to do whatever I can to make things a little better for them.”

Veterans are especially near and dear to Randolph because her father, husband, and three of her coworkers are all veterans.

“Everywhere you look, I get to see them and touch veterans,” Randolph said. “These guys did so much for our country, and now it’s like they’re getting nothing.”

To help veterans get a little something extra, Randolph has reached out to her friends on social media to help purchase the blankets and the goodies. She now has the 300 blankets she’ll need to give everyone a blanket but she’s still working on getting all of the extras. She credits her friends for the program’s success.

“I can’t take the credit for any of this,” she said. “If it wasn’t for my friend’s help, this would not be possible.”

She said anyone else who would like to contribute snacks, games, puzzle books, or other comfort items can contact her via email at loveacop@yahoo.com.

“We just want to let our veterans know that we haven’t forgotten about them,” Randolph said. “We still love them and appreciate all they have given for our country. This is just a little something to say thank you.”

To further spread holiday cheer, The Ardmoreite is currently accepting donations that will be distributed to local children’s and family organizations along with area nursing homes. The pandemic has hit many locals hard, and this year more people than ever are currently in need.

A large donation box will be set up outside The Ardmoreite Monday through Friday during business hours where we will be accepting new toys for children as well as older teens through December 22. We will also be accepting new winter clothes and blankets for people of all ages and sizes through the end of December. In addition to clothing, toiletries are some other much needed items.