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City commission approves new filter for water treatment plant

Drew Butler
News alert

The Ardmore City Commission approved a bid for a filter repair project at the water treatment plant on Monday evening. The project will replace the filter underdrain and filter media on one of the plant’s filters.

City Engineer Thomas Mansur said the filter being repaired is one of eight in operation at the facility.

“This will be for the filter underdrain and filter media for Filter 4,” Mansur said. “There are eight filters out there now. Four are original filters and four are new. This particular one is Filter 4 which is one of the older filters, and it was last replaced around 12 years ago which is not at all unusual.”

Mansur said during the repair process all of the units for the filter along with all the filter media will be removed and replaced and a new underdrain will be installed.

The repair process will cost the city $139,000 and Howard Construction from Ardmore has been awarded the contract. Both Howard Construction and another company based out of Talihina both came in with the same bid, and Mansur explained why the local company was chosen.

“We had four bids in total, and two came in at the same amount,” Mansur said. “The company in Talihina was advised that the city customarily awards bids to the local bidder in the event of a tie. That’s not unusual, and they understand that.”

The project will get underway in the coming weeks.