Local real estate agency enjoying their own new space while helping others find a space of their own

Drew Butler
The team at G3 Land and Home outside their building on Main Street. From left to right: Tim Longest, Morgan Fernando, Charlynn Wilhelm, Owner and Broker Cindy Silvas, Morgan Manley, Michelle Christopher, Rikita Morris and Rodney Brooks.

The address of 107 E. Main St. in Ardmore has always been special to Cindy Silvas. Silvas is the owner and real estate broker of G3 Land and Home, and she recently purchased the building to be the office for her business. However, her history at the location goes predates her becoming the owner.

Prior to moving to Ardmore in 2015, Silvas had lived and worked in Duncan and ran Land Pros Real Estate and Auction Company. In addition to working in the real estate business in Duncan, Silvas also commuted to Ardmore to work at the New U Medspa — which also happened to be located at 107 E Main Street.

“While I was doing real estate in Duncan I met the owner of the New U Medspa, and we became friends,” Silvas said. “I went to work for her, and I ended up driving back forth from Duncan for three and a half years. I always really loved working in the building, and I loved being in Ardmore and working downtown.”

After years of commuting, Silvas ultimately decided to move to Ardmore, and upon her arrival, she decided to open up her own real estate company, and G3 Land and Home was born.

Silvas said the business' name is a reference to her family at the time which included herself and her two daughters — three girls or G3. When it first opened, the agency included only two employees.

“I had only one other realtor working with me at the time, but the markets have been great, and we’ve been growing,” she said. “So I went from having one realtor working for me to having eight.”

With a growing staff, the company eventually outgrew their previous location, and Silvas began looking for a new office. One location stood out in her mind.

“When the owner of New U decided to close it down, she let me list the building,” Silvas said. “In fact, I had it listed for about six months and it didn’t sell. Then it went through four other realtors, and it didn’t sell. I couldn’t understand why because it’s such a great building, but I finally decided it didn’t sell because it was meant for me.”

She said the location was virtually move-in ready when they opened their doors last May, so she and her realtors could focus on selling properties and getting people into homes.

“Buying a home is the biggest purchase you’ll make, and you want it to be a good experience,” Silvas said. “I want to do everything in my power to make it that way, and my team feels the same way. I was really selective when I hired everyone. I only wanted people who have a good heart, strong ethics, and who work hard.”

Silvas said G3 Land and Home has been extremely busy in their new location, and she hopes to see that success continue.

“There are a lot of realty offices and lot of agents in town,” Silvas said. “It can be a tough market, but you just have to work hard and keep going.”