Pickleball courts' construction at Regional Park well underway

Drew Butler
Construction on the six new pickleball courts at Regional Park is well underway. The first phase is near completion and the second phase which will include the colored surfaces, fencing and shade structures will commence in the coming months.

Construction on the six new pickleball courts at Regional Park is well underway. The new courts will be located on the east side of North Rockford Road just south of the South Softball Complex and north of The Clubhouse.

Once completed, they will be divided into two sets of three courts with an alleyway between the two. They will also include fencing and seating along with shade structures to provide shade for those watching the games or waiting to play.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said the construction process is being divided into two sections. The first section which includes all of the initial dirt work and pouring of the pad is getting close to completion.

“All of the foundation work for the building of the courts and the fencing is almost finished, and the pad has been started,” Ervin said. “To help keep costs down we’re using a lot of volunteers and several companies have also volunteered to help with the project. We’ve also received two generous donations from the Ardmore Institute of Health and the Westheimer Foundation that has helped us immensely.”

Once all of the preliminary volunteer work has been completed, a contractor will come in to finish out the project.

“We’re almost finished with the first part, and that’s going to allow our contractor in to finish out what I cal the pretty stuff,” Ervin said. “He’ll be putting down the surface with all of the colors, and he’ll be installing all the fencing and the shade structures — all of the finishing touches.”

Ervin said the project has been taking a bit longer than anticipated, but that comes with the nature of volunteer projects.

“The biggest factor has been people’s time,” Ervin said. “All of the companies that are working on this are doing so in-between their other jobs. They’re still working and running their businesses, but they’re fitting us in to work on the dirt, the hauling, and pouring the concrete. We’re so appreciative of all of the people who have been so giving with their time and resources.”

While there is no definite date for the completion of the project, Ervin hopes to have the courts open in time for the summer.