City of Lone Grove plans for the future while dealing with coronavirus in the present

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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As with other areas in Carter County, the City of Lone Grove is currently experiencing an influx of COVID-19. According to City Manager Ian O’Neal, several city employees are currently out with the virus, and those remaining are focused on maintaining services. 

“The main thing we’re dealing with right now is trying to get past this COVID spell,” O’Neal said. “We’ve got several employees out, and we’re running skeleton crews. So first and foremost we’ve got to get past this.”

O’Neal said once more people have recovered from the virus and returned to work, upcoming plans for 2021 include a potential upgrade to the city’s water infrastructure and some street repairs.

“We’re working on getting some grants to get a new water tower and maybe one more well,” O’Neal said. “We’re also wanting to upgrade some of our waterlines to support that water tower.”

He said the additional new tower would be located on the south side of Highway 70 near Meridian and would allow for better service for customers on the south side of town.

Other plans include repairs to some of the older, secondary streets that branch off from the city’s primary roadways. O’Neal said Hewitt Street is on this list along with two or three others near the downtown area.