Volunteers distribute food boxes across Northeast Ardmore

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Residents across Northeast Ardmore were in for a surprise on Tuesday when free boxes of food were delivered right to their doorstep. While the food came from Impact Ardmore, the idea of distributing the food came from volunteer Yusef Stevenson, after the scheduled food pickup at the HFV Wilson Center was canceled on Monday due to inclement weather.

“Every Monday through the end of April, Impact Ardmore will be using the HFV Wilson Center as a distribution location for food," Stevenson said. "So if you pull through the drive between 9 (a.m.) and 12 (p.m.), and people can just pop their trunk and we’ll put in a gallon of milk and a box of food. Last week we distributed the food at the Center, and every kid that left got a box of food. So we’re really trying to push the message that the Center is a place for pick up.”

Because Monday’s distribution was canceled, Stevenson decided to take the food out to the people instead. He felt the food was especially important this week because many are essentially homebound to avoid driving on the icy, snowy roads.

He contacted a few friends and relatives and told them about his plan, so they all met up at around 11:30 a.m. to start making deliveries. Over the next five hours they delivered 200 boxes of food and 200 gallons of milk.

As news of the deliveries spread via social media and word of mouth, many people got into contact asking for boxes to be delivered or volunteering to help.

“Today as we were out, we built a real rapport with the community, and they were calling us asking if they could help deliver or if we could send a box by their grandma’s house,” Stevenson said. “I feel like we really got the information out about Impact Ardmore and all the ways they can help people in addition to the food distribution on Mondays.”

Stevenson said his work with Impact Ardmore is just one of the ways he is trying to help the entire community and the east side of Ardmore in particular.

“I’m just a community activist leader, and I’m working with several 501c3s and the City of Ardmore to help bridge the communication gap with everyone,” he said. “We’re doing a lot of things, and this is just one of the things that we’re doing. We’ve got an east side movement going on, and we’re trying to get some businesses back on the east side and to build up the historic east side. I’m just trying to do what I can to make the city better.”