Many residents in Wilson without water due to frozen, broken water pipes in their homes

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Many residents of Wilson are experiencing either reduced water pressure or no water service due to frozen and burst pipes in homes located throughout the city. As of Saturday afternoon, Mayor Frank Schaaf estimates that between 75 and 80 citizens have contacted the city asking for their water service to be shut off because pipe breakages. Many of these breaks are located underneath their homes so residents were not aware of them until temperatures began to warm up on Friday and Saturday.

“We have a tremendous amount of residential houses that are frozen up,” Schaaf said. “Lines are breaking, and we’ve got a lot more water going out than what we have coming into the system.”

Schaaf estimates the city has been losing an average of 260,000 gallons of water a day for the majority of the week due to the burst pipes. Had these lines been shut off sooner, the low water pressure experienced by residents without frozen pipes could have been avoided. But homeowners were simply unaware of the problem.

Schaaf said the city is currently making headway on getting service shut off to locations with broken pipes, and he expects tremendous progress to be made Saturday afternoon and overnight Saturday.

“We still have several folks who are frozen up and without water, but they should be okay by Sunday,” he said.

Wilson residents who are currently without water service can pick up free bottled drinking water placed out by the city’s Blessings Box. Schaaf placed two pallets of drinking water out on Saturday,and will be placing two more out on Sunday. The water will be available on a first come, first serve basis and residents are asked to take no more water than what they need.

Updates to the water situation will be posted to the Wilson Oklahoma Community Page on Facebook.