Meet the Candidates: John Credle, Jr. runs for Ardmore City Commission Northeast Ward

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
John Credle, Jr is running for Ardmore City Commissioner in the Northeast Ward

Editor's note: Four candidates will be running for the Northeast Ward, and three will be running for Southwest.  The Ardmoreite has sent each candidate a series of five questions. Each candidate had the same set of five questions and was asked to limit their answers to no more than 100 words per question. All questionnaires were sent at the same time, and each candidate had the same deadline to return their answers.

On Tuesday, April 6 registered voters in the City of Ardmore will go to the polls to select two new city commissioners: one for the city’s Northeast Ward, and one for the city’s Southwest Ward. The vote will be taken at large, so citizens will be able to vote for one candidate in each ward regardless of where they reside within the city.

Below are the answers from John Credle, Jr who is running for the seat in Ardmore’s Northeast Ward. The remaining candidates profiles will run Tuesday through Friday until all seven candidates have been printed.

1. Tell the community a bit about yourself. (Where are you from/when did you come to Ardmore? What is your work/education experience? Etc.)

JC: II have almost 25 years of experience as a senior pastor and educator. Married for 22 years, my wife Cheron and I are the proud parents of four children. I am the senior pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church and school counselor at Lincoln Elementary. Born in Brooklyn, New York, I lived there until I came to live in Ardmore in September of 2015. I am pursing my Doctorate at Payne Theological Seminary after earning master’s degrees in both theology and education. My education and experience have helped me understand the importance of building our community’s future together.

2. What inspired you to run for the Ardmore City Commission?

JC: For me, it is not “what inspired” me, but rather who inspired me. Working as a pastor and school counselor has given me the chance to know many families in Ardmore quite well. I have listened to their voices and heard a genuine love for Ardmore as well as a desire to build an even brighter future. These people inspire me by their willingness to work for social growth, economic development and spiritual growth necessary to ensure Ardmore will continue to be a place our children and grandchildren will want to call home.

3.  What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Ardmore today?

JC: The biggest challenge facing people in Ardmore, our nation and around the world is twofold. First is learning to thrive in the midst of efforts to contain a pandemic. The second is continuing to thrive after we bring the virus under control. Thriving consists of continuing to provide a quality education for our children, and support for their families. Thriving consists of continuing to keep our small businesses and employees flourishing. Thriving consists of creating a safe and healthy environment for Ardmore residents throughout the city.

4. What new project or policy would you like to see come to Ardmore?

JC: I believe it is important for Ardmore to support efforts to bring grocery stores, restaurants, accessible banking and healthcare facilities, on the East side of Ardmore. I think Ardmore wins when we utilize the strengths of all our residents. Therefore, I would like to see rezoning established that will allow these businesses to be established on the East side. This will also help to raise the property value of homeowners on this side of our city. Establishing programs that have systems and strategies to develop and implement partnerships and collaborative efforts to accomplish this task is my passion. 

5. What can you bring for the citizens of your ward that your opponents cannot?

JC: I bring the related dynamics of faith and education to the Ward 2 community. Through my work as a pastor, I have the ability and influence to further focus the church community on collaborative efforts toward community growth and development. Through my work as an educator for the Ardmore City Schools, I have the resources and relationships to help further establish programs that will support our children in their efforts to achieve academic success. I believe working as a commissioner will be an extension to what I am currently doing in education and ministry.