Sharp announces bid for Ardmore City Commission

The Daily Ardmoreite
Angela Sharp

Hello, My name is Angela Sharp, I was born and raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where I was taught to “Be the change you want to see in the world”

I have educational studies in Criminal Justice, Human Service Counseling, and Christian Ministries.

It has been a pleasure to volunteer at our local food bank, within my local church, at local restaurants, and volunteering (at times) with groups of children from our community. I have served my community well and will continue to do so.

Managing my family’s budget and teaching other families to manage their budgets has been ongoing for years. Going over budget is not an option. Therefore, I will strive to represent the district, by finding the best possible ways and means of planning financial expenditures. While remaining within the limits of the district’s revenue allowed. I will take the time to hear the people and press for what is being expressed, to bring about the changes in existing laws and ordinances specific to our community and develop new ones that will better serve the community. While not compromising the needs of the district or the people.

I need your support! We can be the change we want to see, it all starts within and it can start with you and me, as we work together. Together we can bring about the change! I am asking you to vote for me, Angela Sharp as City Commissioner of Ward 2 in Carter County on April 6, 2021.