Meet the candidates: Angela Sharp runs for Ardmore City Commission Northeast Ward

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Angela Sharp is running for Ardmore City Commission in the Northeast Ward.

Editor's note: Four candidates will be running for the Northeast Ward, and three will be running for Southwest.  The Ardmoreite has sent each candidate a series of five questions. Each candidate had the same set of five questions and was asked to limit their answers to no more than 100 words per question. All questionnaires were sent at the same time, and each candidate had the same deadline to return their answers.

On Tuesday, April 6 registered voters in the City of Ardmore will go to the polls to select two new city commissioners: one for the city’s Northeast Ward, and one for the city’s Southwest Ward. The vote will be taken at large, so citizens will be able to vote for one candidate in each ward regardless of where they reside within the city.

Below are the answers from Angela Sharp who is running for the seat in Ardmore’s Northeast Ward. The remaining candidates profiles will run Tuesday through Friday until all seven candidates have been printed.

1. Tell the community a bit about yourself. (Where are you from/when did you come to Ardmore? What is your work/education experience? Etc.)

AS: I was born in Ardmore, Okla. I was a certified case manager and behavioral rehabilitation counselor for four years, through Family Development Intervention Services and Quest mental health. I have training in suicide assist, crisis management and intervention, and others. I have an associate degree in science and a double bachelor's degree of arts and science. It has been a pleasure to volunteer at our local food bank, within my local church, at local restaurants, and volunteering (at times) with groups of children from our community. I have served my community well and will continue to do so. 

2. What inspired you to run for the Ardmore City Commission?

AS: I was inspired to run for Ardmore City Commission due to the state of the world. I want to see unity brought to our community, to do that we need community involvement. When we work together as a whole it strengthens our community it makes a way for wonderful things. When we come together as one, each diverse view comes with its own power that should be embraced. With collaboration endless possibilities can be achieved. That is why I say: “Together we can bring change.”

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Ardmore today?

AS: I believe the biggest challenge is getting the community involved, some believe the community do not want to get involved. When citizens and government can come together in unity and work, it brings change to every part of the community. We don’t know when we may need to reach out and help others who may not be able to help themselves. This could be from planting community gardens, feeding the hungry, to praying and being there for others, even giving them finances to assist, or even a place to sleep. We already have many in our community doing these things.  

4. What new project or policy would you like to see come to Ardmore?

AS: I would like to see a low interest housing repair loan program brought to Ardmore. This type of program is not practical if it includes a tax increase on top of the loan agreement. Especially for those who would need this type of program. Therefore, home repairs go undone and it takes a toll on our communities' housing quality. Rent prices continue to increase without structural repairs being done. Repairing the infrastructure of the entire community is essential for the future of Ardmore. Together we stand, divided we fall. Give time to pay the loan without increasing taxes.       

5. What can you bring for the citizens of your ward that your opponents cannot?

AS: I am sure that each opponent will serve the ward well as they bring great things for the citizens. I bring; my love for the community to come together as one for the good of all. I want to bring programs into the community that address community needs. While improving the infrastructure of the community.  All these things can be done by all the opponents, it takes time. I want to do my best to represent our community well. Taking the time to  hear the request of the people and working for all involved. Vote April 6, 2021.