Welcome to Ardmore: Beautification Council installs new welcome signs

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
A new welcome to Ardmore sign located on North Commerce greets people as they enter the city.

The Ardmore Beautification Council recently replaced several Welcome to Ardmore signs located at various entrances to the city. Executive Director Julie Maher said the welcome signs serve as a great representation of a city that cares about creating beautiful spaces.

“When people are coming to Ardmore or thinking about moving to the city, they want to see a community that takes pride in its appearance,” Maher said. “We are proud of our city and we treat it well, we pick up the litter, and we create beautiful spaces. Cities and towns are the most successful when they create that kind of environment.”

Maher said the council decided to replace the former signs after they began to show their age.

“We used to have eight welcome signs posted around the entrances to the city, and they were getting a little old and worn by the weather,” she said. “We’re going to end up replacing six them because we thought a couple signs were a little redundant and they weren’t as noticeable as we thought they needed to be. The ones that we are replacing now have some beautiful signs that are going to be lit and surrounded with sustainable landscaping.”

A few locations that have the new signs are Sam Noble Parkway, North Commerce, Veterans Boulevard near Interstate 35 and Highway 70 near Interstate 35.

Maher said the City of Ardmore has been especially helpful in making the project become a reality.

“One of our biggest partners is the City of Ardmore, and they have really helped us out,” Maher said. “We paid for everything, but they allowed us to use the Parks and Rec. warehouses to store the signs until we were able to get them in the ground. We can’t thank the city enough for how nice they have been to work with to help our community become more beautiful.”