Replynishing for the future: 250 people asked to sign up to bring new recycling event to Ardmore

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Last month’s Earth First Expo brought in over 900 tires and more than 7,800 pounds of electronics for recycling. This response demonstrates the interest in recycling in Southern Oklahoma, however there are still limited options for most kinds of recycling. 

The Ardmore Beautification is looking to change that by joining forces with California-based tech company Replenysh to bring regularly scheduled recycling drop-offs into the area. But before anything can happen, at least 250 people interested in recycling need to sign up in order to get the first event scheduled.

Replynish works by facilitating the transfer of recyclable goods from communities to the brands and corporations that want to reuse the raw materials in their supply chain. Replenysh schedules the time and location of drop-off events at no cost to the community, and a portion of the money raised from the recycling is given to the volunteer organizations that helped run the event.

Ardmore Beautification Council Executive Director Julie Maher said several communities within Oklahoma are already working with Replenysh to bring recycling to their area.

“Bristow has been doing this since the first of the year, and now they are having events every other week,” Maher said. “Cushing also recently started, and they’ve already met their goal of getting 250 people to sign up.”

After at least 250 people have signed up, Replenysh will begin organizing the event. They will then alert the public as to what kinds of materials they will be collecting. They will supply the truck for collections, but volunteers from the community are needed to help facilitate the event. These volunteers will then be able to receive a portion of the money generated to go to their civic, school or nonprofit organization.

“All we have to do is sign up and take our stuff,” Maher said. “They do all the hard work of organizing the event and taking everything where it needs to go. It’s a real win for Ardmore and Southern Oklahoma.”

To sign up to take part in the recycling event go to You’ll then receive an email welcoming you to Replenysh and further notifications once events are scheduled. As of Monday afternoon 26 of the 250 people needed had signed up.