New Ardmore city commissioner holds meet and greet for constituents

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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On Monday evening recently-elected City Commissioner John Credle, Jr., held a meet and greet event for his constituents as well as other citizens of Ardmore to come together to discuss the issues most important to them. As Credle represents the city’s Northeast Ward, the event took place at Gladiator’s Boxing located on East Main Street.

When attendees arrived they were treated to snacks courtesy of Scratch Dat Food Truck and given a brief survey asking about their concerns as well as the positive changes they have noticed in the city. Each attendee was then given a few minutes of one-on-one time with Credle to voice these issues.

Credle said the idea for the event came from his campaign team who wanted to create an event to allow the public the chance to meet Commissioner Credle in person.

“I think tonight went great because I got the chance to meet people who I have never met before and got a chance to speak with them one-on-one,” he said. “I also talked to some people who I speak to often but not about the issues they spoke to me about tonight. These are different issues than I normally hear about, and I was surprised to hear some of the things they mentioned to me.”

One issue brought up by many attendees concerned the lack of businesses such as grocery stores in the Northeast.

“I think a lot of people I spoke with tonight agree that more life needs to be brought to this side of the tracks,” Credle said. “I think people have to be able to see that something positive is going on in their own backyard. They see it on the other side of Main Street, and they see it on 12th Street, but they’re not seeing it here.”

Another issue many citizens addressed concerned the state of the overgrown and empty lots present in the Northeast.

“One lady spoke to me about all the overgrown lots full of trees and weeds that need to be cut down,” Credle said. “She’s getting rodents, snakes, and everything else coming over onto her property because of the empty lot next door.”

Another issue concerned the perceived lack of involvement from both the city and area residents to come together to make a lasting change.

“I want to try to galvanize people and try to pull everyone together because it seems like nobody wants to do anything together,” Credle said. “I’m wanting to start having monthly town halls, and I’m hoping that will help with that. Hopefully that will bring people together to bring change to this side of town. Some things we have to do ourselves first — and I saw this because I live over here too. Once we begin to pick up the work, start to do it ourselves and start creating attention, then we’ll get some help here and there.”

Credle wants to start scheduling monthly town hall meeting on the second Monday of every month.