Mayor Glasgow discusses time on commission, plans for year ahead

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Mayor Beth Glasgow is joined by her children as Judge Thomas Baldwin swears her in during her first term as commissioner in 2019.

On Monday, May 3 the Ardmore City Commission nominated and elected Beth Glasgow to serve as mayor for the 2021-2022 term. Glasgow serves as commissioner for the city’s Northwest Ward, and this will be her third term as a commissioner and first term as mayor. She said she is looking forward to the coming year and that her time on the commission has helped prepare her for the new role.

“Having a couple of years under my belt has been extremely helpful in becoming mayor,” Glasgow said. “I probably spent my first year learning everything because there is so much to learn. But now I know about all of the different things that the city handles and the work we oversee with the different local boards and commissions. It’s really been eye-opening to see just how much work goes into all of it.”

She credits city staff as well as other commissioners with helping her learn the ropes.

“The staff at the city has been great, and everyone is so open to teaching me about their departments and what they cover,” she said. “(former City Manager) JD Spohn was such a great help, and he was always willing to answer any question I had. I was also lucky enough to serve with (former City Commissioner) Martin Dyer who was absolutely wonderful. He’d been on the commission for so long he pretty much knew everything about all the procedures and the work done in the past.”

One thing that surprised her upon first being elected was how much the commission works as a team.

“I think I’ve been to city council and commission meetings in multiple towns across Oklahoma and Texas, and a lot of them have so much animosity between the members,” Glasgow said. “I’ve really enjoyed being on a commission where we treat it like a team, and we try to come together to listen to everybody’s opinions.”

She said the most challenging part of being on the commission or serving as mayor is realizing that you can never make everyone happy.

“You have to learn that you’re not going to make everybody happy, and that’s going to have to be okay,” she said. “This past year COVID and the mask mandate was a hot-button issue for a lot of people, but you have to think about what to do for the community as a whole. Sometimes it's challenging to step outside yourself and think about how you’re trying to grow the community, help everyone, and take everyone’s thought and considerations into account.”

Looking forward into the coming year, Glasgow said the city will be focusing on creating a more walkable environment.

“Over the next year we’ll be working quite a bit with the trails and greenways commission,” she said. “I think a lot of citizens want to have more walkability and more bike lanes. I know they have started looking at some spots for potential crosswalks on some of our busier streets, and I think that will be a really good thing for Ardmore. We’ve kind of lacked some of that walkability that you have in other cities, and I think this will help our citizens and encourage more people to come to the area.”