Cloudy, moderately rainy weekend ahead

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
The Ardmore area has moderate chance of rain on Friday particularly in the late evening hours. These rains could produce a few isolated storms, however the chance of severe weather is unlikely.

A cloudy, overcast and slightly rainy week will likely continue into a cloudy, overcast and slightly rainy weekend for the Ardmore area. Friday will likely not see any rain until late in the evening hours, and the chance of rain on Saturday may see some showers with isolated thunderstorms, though the likelihood of any severe weather remains low.

Randy Bowers, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, said the predawn hours of Friday may see a few patches of light rain but that will be finished by daybreak.

“By the time we get to Friday morning there may still be a couple showers out there, but nothing will be too widespread or prolonged for most of the day,” Bowers said. “There may still be a little bit of moisture that gets wedged into the area by late in the day, and that will increase the chance of rain throughout the night and into Saturday. But much of the day will be without rain.

The Friday night showers will continue into Saturday. Even without rain, the day will remain partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and there may be a few isolated thunderstorms. However Bowers said there will not be enough atmospheric instability and wind sheer for severe storms to be a concern.

Sunday will begin with a chance of showers in the morning and the possibility of a few isolated storms in the afternoon. The chance of rain is mostly gone by Sunday evening and cloudy skies will continue throughout the night.

Temperatures will also remain similar to those seen in the area over the past few days with daytime highs in the upper to mid-70s.

“There are no significant changes in air mass or temperatures, so really what we’ve seen over the past few days is going to continue,” Bowers said. “It may be a a little cooler by a couple degrees for one or two days, but we’d have to go beyond the weekend to see temperatures warm up into the 80s.”