Laying the groundwork: Work begins on underground electrical conduit for Depot Park

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Workers begin digging the channelling for the underground electric conduit at Depot Park. These channels must be in place before OGE can come in to remove the overhead wiring.

The first step to new lighting and electrical wiring for Depot Park is now underway as a construction crew has begun digging the channels for the underground electrical conduit. These channels must be in place in order for OG&E to come in to remove the overhead wiring and replace it with a new, underground system.

Todd Yeager, chair of the Ardmore Main Street Authority Board of Trustees, said OG&E will be in as soon as the third week of June to begin working on the new wiring.

“We met with a representative from OG&E, and they were concerned that they would be ready to go, but we wouldn’t be,” Yeager said. “So we want to make sure all of the underground conduit is already in place because OG&E needs all that infrastructure to pull and place the wires.”

In order for the contractor’s work on the park to start in earnest, the new wiring system needs to be in place. As the contractor has 150 days total to finish the park once their work begins, the AMSA and City of Ardmore have agreed that while this initial portion of the work will be included in the total days, the clock will stop once this step is complete. It will resume once the new wiring is in place, and the contractor can resume working.

“OG&E told us that they could be here as soon as the third or fourth week of June, but this time of year anything could happen and that could be pushed if there is some sort of emergency somewhere else,” Yeager said.

Though there is no set date for when OG&E will be out to begin their portion of the work, Yeager said he’s happy to see this next step in the park’s construction.

“It’s so exciting to look out and see some dirt being moved,” Yeager said. “Depot Park has been years in the making, and watching this step makes me even more excited about what’s to come.”