Oklahoma City man arrested for felony amount of meth

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

An Oklahoma City man was arrested in Ardmore Tuesday afternoon after Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers allegedly found methamphetamine in his vehicle. 

OHP Trooper Zane Shores said the suspect was originally stopped for a motorist assist. The suspect was allegedly stopped in the middle of the lane, and a trooper pulled up next to his vehicle to ask if the driver needed help. 

“The trooper pulled up next to him and asked if he needed assistance because he was blocking the road,” Shores said. “They were following another car, and he was trying to strap it down. That’s what we call a motorist assist. We see somebody and see if they need help. We log it in our system, and we have to run the tag to log it.” 

Shores said when troopers ran the tag, the vehicle came back as stolen. The vehicle was then reportedly stopped a second time, and troopers found a felony amount of meth in the suspect’s car and on him. A trafficking illegal drug charge for the suspect has been sent to the district attorney Craig Ladd.