Lone Grove police donate K-9 officer to Johnston County sheriff

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

The Lone Grove Police Department has donated a K-9 officer to the Johnston County Sheriff’s office. 

Lone Grove Police Chief John Terry said the department’s K-9 officer was making changes in his personal and professional life, and in the force’s current manpower and budget. Terry thought it would be better to donate K-9 Nora. 

“At the time, I had reached out to a state agency at first,” Terry said. “We were working together to get something lined up. Then I had dinner with Sheriff [Gary] Dodd and his wife, and we were discussing it as well. They were actually looking for a K-9, and it just happened to work out for both our agencies. It was definitely something we were glad to do for them.” 

K-9 Nora is a 4 year old Dutch shepherd and certified in narcotic detection, K-9 and fugitive apprehension, and handler protection. 

Lone Grove Police Chief John Terry said K-9 Nora is excellent in drug detection and will be utilized properly at the Johnston County Sheriff’s office.

She was with the Lone Grove Police for about four years, Terry said. She had worked with three different K-9 officers during that time, so the department wanted to find a stable environment for her. 

“The last canine handler she was with, this was the second time she had been with him,” Terry said. “We were looking to maintain some more stability for her. Where our agency is at this time with our manpower, assets and resources, we just weren’t able to give her the stability that she deserved.” 

K-9 Nora will be assigned a partner soon, and the team will go through a certification program and handlers training before they can officially start working. The Johnston County Sheriff’s office is also in the process of getting a 1-year-old German shepherd trained and certified in order to kickstart their K-9 program. Terry said it was important to him to be able to help out another local agency. 

“I think that it’s important that we in law enforcement in the surrounding areas continue to formulate and build those relationships with each other.” Terry said. “We were grateful for the opportunity to share our resources with a local agency, and I’m very happy that they’re happy with it as well.”