Goddard Center offers scholarships to increase access to arts education

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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With summer in full swing, parents are looking for different ways to keep their children active and engaged in the time before school resumes. Numerous organizations are currently holding summer camps that offer a variety of activities for the children to enjoy including sessions dedicated to the arts. These arts sessions are frequently held in tandem with the Goddard Center who will be working with the HFV Community Center and Cities in Schools later this summer.

JaMia Cody, program coordinator with the HFV Wilson Community Center said their annual art camp at the Goddard Center is one of their most popular camps.

“All the kids love it when they go, and it’s already full with an active waiting list,” Cody said. “This is my third year here, and a lot of the kids have been with us before, and they’re all asking me when it’s going to be.”

Joshua Tuaila, art studio manager with the Goddard Center, said these summer camps, along with the other courses the Goddard Center offers throughout the year, help expose the students to a variety of art they might not get to experience while in school.

“I want to show the kids art outside of what they’re being taught in school,’ Tuaila said, “It’s another extracurricular thing they can do and we’re always trying to add new things and switch it up. I always teach a course in clay, but we also try to switch things up with photography, dance, painting and drawing, and mixed media classes as well. We want to try to keep it fresh and attract as many people into the Goddard Center as we can.”

Cody said taking these kinds of art classes allow the children to discover talents they may not have even known about prior to taking the course.

“I think a lot them don’t realize how creative they are until they are able to go and be a part of an art camp and see and create different works of art,” Cody said. “With a lot of kids the only activities they’ve really been exposed to are sports, so with this they get to see something different.”

Tuaila said in addition to the camps provided through various community organizations, the Goddard Center also provides its own summer camp as well as many other courses throughout the year. Scholarships are available to those in need.

“One thing we always want people to be aware of is that we have scholarships,” he said. “If a student comes in and they’re intrigued by our workshop from HFV or CIS, they can come back on their own and we have scholarships to get them free classes. All we really need from someone who is applying is an award of assistance from something like SNAP or Sooner Care. Once we have that paperwork, then they are good for the year.”

The form for the scholarship and the classes offered this summer are available  at www.goddardcenter.org/art-studio. The can also be picked up and filled out at the Goddard Center.