Ardmore Municipal Court announce second chance plan for those charged with petit larceny

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Citizens who were unable appear in court for a petit larceny charge due may now be eligible for the Second Chance Plan and have the ability to have active arrest warrants rescinded. 

Those who failed to appear for a petit larceny charge in 2020 can now enter a payment plan to have their warrant rescinded. The fine will also be lowered from $620 to $375. Ardmore Police Department Capt. Claude Henry said the decision came from the city of Ardmore Municipal Court. 

“This is an attempt to try to give people a second chance to try to take care of any outstanding warrants that they have,” Henry said. “The municipal judge took into account that some people may not have shown up to court due to COVID last year, and that’s what this is kind of geared towards.”

Ardmore Police posted the list of 30 people on their Facebook page who at this time are the only ones eligible for the program. To enroll in the Second Chance plan, eligible people have until 4 p.m. June 24, to contact the Court clerk’s office. Henry said the court is considering offering similar options for other violations. 

“Right now, this is only being offered for petit larceny,” Henry said. “I do know that they’re considering opening violations of city ordinances throughout the year. There are going to be different opportunities where people can take care of this.”