Brown Becomes first female driver at Dot Foods Oklahoma to reach 1 Million Safe Miles

The Daily Ardmoreite
Trish Brown

Trish Brown, a driver with Dot Transportation, Inc. is the first woman at Dot Foods Oklahoma Distribution Center to achieve 1 million miles of safe driving. DTI is the affiliate trucking company of Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor. The distinction means Brown logged one million miles with zero accidents or personal injuries. Brown joins an elite group at DTI. The fleet currently has 200 drivers who have achieved one million safe miles, 6 of those being women.  

“I think it’s cool that I’m the first woman Million Mile Safe Driver for Ardmore,” said Brown. Because anybody can get a million miles in their career. All you have to do is keep the door shut and show up every day. But achieving a million miles without any accidents is really challenging.” 

Brown began her career with DTI in August 2013 after retiring from the U.S. Postal Service. She was drawn to DTI by the overall company culture and their commitment to safety. These same reasons are why she has stayed with the company for nearly eight years. 

“DTI has a good reputation for being a good company. It has modern, well-maintained equipment and a fair wage, good people, and a family-oriented company,” said Brown. “And as a woman, out on the road coast-to-coast staying safe is important to me--I want well-maintained, late model equipment.” 

Brown credits her 1 Million Safe Miles to paying close attention and always being on guard. She says there is so much possibility for error, that remaining concentrated at all times is crucial.  

“You have to live in the moment, pay attention. You can’t control what happens around you. Things will go wrong. All you can worry about is how you respond. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel,” said Brown.  

Besides Brown’s personal commitment to safety, she feels that DTI’s emphasis on safety contributed to her milestone.  

“DTI focuses on personal safety as well as safety in the vehicle. Not just the safety meetings, but they are always sending out emails to remind you of how to get in and out of the truck. I mean something that simple can actually cause a serious accident. Something as simple as putting on your spikes in the winter because when you step out of your truck you are stepping out on the ice and people don’t think about that until they are reminded,” said Brown. “Just little reminders that people need so that their mind is on safety.” 

Jim Robertson, Director of Transportation at Dot Foods Oklahoma, said “We are very proud of Trish and her unwavering focus on safety. One million miles with no motor vehicle accidents or personal injury is a threshold that only the elite drivers cross!” 

The above and beyond mentality of DTI employees is what makes Brown proud to call herself a part of the company. The camaraderie among the drivers is one of Brown’s favorite things about being in the trucking industry.  

Brown plans to stay in the industry for as long as she enjoys it. Although she used to see herself retiring or working part-time and having a garden, she said she has such a passion for driving that she wants to keep going. 

“I just like being outside,” said Brown. “I know you are inside a truck but basically you are outside. It’s not like you are having to stare at four walls inside a factory or an office building. You are actually outside looking at the cows and the deer and people’s farms. As long as it’s still fun, I’ll keep doing it.” 

“It’s no secret that every company out there is looking for great drivers right now,” said Robertson. “The driver shortage isn’t new, and COVID certainly didn’t help. We are really lucky to have Trish and other drivers like her helping our company and our country get through this reopening period.”