Johnston County first responders work together to find missing boy

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Tishomingo Fire Department, Ravia Fire Department, Milburn Fire Department Johnston County EMS, Johnston County Sheriff’s office and Johnston County Sheriff’s Emergency Communications Center worked together Monday to find a missing boy on Blue River. 

Captain Danny Walker with the Tishomingo Fire Department said the kayaker missed the point where he was supposed to get off and got separated from his party for a couple of hours. Jason Bryant, director of Emergency Management said all of the agencies were paged out around 2:30 p.m., and the original plan was to go where the boy was last seen. 

On the way there, Bryant said the team realized the kayaker was still floating on the river. Some firemen met with the parents and started looking at the missing teen’s last known position while some he and some Johnston County sheriffs and firemen went downstream to look around, Bryant said.  

“While we were doing that, the kid had already passed our point where we had gone downstream,” Bryant said. “He had already passed us probably about 10 minutes before we ever got there. We traveled downstream by UTV. The landowner took us around their property, and we found several points where we can look on to the river. The kid was already further down from where we were.” 

Bryant said later the missing boy got off his float and started walking to figure out where he was. 

“I don’t know when he realized it wasn’t bringing him back because he made it down the river a good three miles,” Bryant said. “He made it to shore. He was barefoot and didn’t have a shirt on. He just had swimming trunks. He walked up to a house, and they gave him a ride back up to the Blue River hunting and fishing area where his family and first responders were waiting.”