Ardmore Police asking citizens to rate the department in survey

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Ardmore Police is conducting a survey to get a better understanding of how the community feels about the department. 

The citizen survey has 12 short questions, and participants are asked to rate the department on topics such as officer’s professionalism, competency, appearance and safety. Ardmore Chief Kevn Norris said there is no deadline to fill out the survey. 

“We’re getting a lot of surveys answered each day,” Norris said. “It’s giving us a lot of good feedback on people’s individual experiences and how they feel about the police department. That’s very important for us as a department to know what the citizens feel, and what they feel we need to improve on in order for us to better serve the community.” 

Participants can text PD Citizen Survey to 580-300-0099 to start the survey. Norris said currently, the plan is to continue accepting surveys and implement the responses into his policing plan. Once the policing plan is completed, Norris said he wants to conduct a survey every time there is an update to the policing plan. 

“My plan is every time we do an update to the policing plan, which could be once a year or once every two years, we would do another survey to see the areas we’re lacking and need improvement on, and if the citizens feel like we are improving,” Norris said.